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Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies offers an industry-leading portfolio of FS Seals, S-Seals and T-Seals. Our seals and material capabilities are field-proven, and tested to rigorous industry standards.

Our high-performance materials ensure reliable solutions for extreme and abrasive operations covering a wide temperature and pressure range.

FS Seals
Ideal for sealing large clearances, particularly those on surface wellhead-to-casing assemblies, the FS Seal design supports reduction in installation time, correct placement in the housing and simple installation.

High-performance FS Seals can retain sealing integrity under severe operating conditions, including:

We offer a complete line of FS Seals designed for API standard casing sizes ranging from 2-7/8” to 30” diameter.

Designed to replace O-Rings, the T-Seal design prevents rolling in the seal groove.

Alternative engineered seal design to using T-Seals or O-Rings. Traditional S-Seals utilize metal spring for supporting sealing of various extrusion gaps.

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Useful Temperature Range (in air)


Hydrogenated Nitrile peroxide cured (HNBR, HSN)

Hydrogenated acrylonitrile- butadiene polymer

-13° to +320° F
(-25 to 160°C)

General service. Improved wear and abrasion resistance. Low acrylonitrile grades available for use at -40°F (-40°C)


Proprietary, high performance RGD-resistant range of compounds using a range of polymer types

-40° to +410° F
(-40° to 210°C)
depending on grade

Ideal for high pressure gas applications. Tested in gas and sour fluids in accordance with Norsok M-710


Fluoroelastomer polymers

-10° to +430° F
(-23 to 220°C)

Suitable for high temperature, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Special low temperature grades available for use at -40°F (-40°C)

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