Petroleum Elastomers

Petroleum Elastomers

New upstream technologies and challenging environments are placing greater demands on equipment; Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies’ innovative solutions and material development capabilities meet these new challenges. Our petroleum elastomer capabilities include: sealing solutions for drilling/BOP/ Well-work over (pressure control) products, wellhead products, down-hole / completions products, hydraulic stimulation/zonal isolation products and others.

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies’ in-house Materials Development & Product Testing Lab, located in Houston, Texas, performs in-house product design, development and conduct material verification testing and analysis for our solutions and to support our customer requirements and development needs.

Our extensive portfolio of elastomeric capabilities includes natural and synthetic compounds for routine or   demanding applications. Our material specialists also formulate compounds designed to meet custom requirements. Our proprietary GAZGUARD® material is designed to minimize the risk of damage from explosive decompression, and meets the stringent NORSOK M-710 requirements.

*GAZGUARD® is a registered trademark of Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies